Tuesday, 6 March 2012

ShelterBox Illustration Competition

Did you see pictures of the Japanese tsunami in the newspapers? Did you watch it on television? Did your pupils?

Last year the tsunami in Japan had devastating effects. With help from generous communities, schools and individuals ShelterBox was able to provide the shelter and basic equipment that survivors needed. 

The tsunami touched the lives of people around the world and for many children the television footage will have made a significant impression. 

At ShelterBox we are keen to help children understand how disasters occur and explore their feelings about it. These may include sadness, concern for others, the impulse to help and fears for their own safety.

Can you help? Can your pupils draw a picture to tell a story?

We have written a story designed to encourage reflection and understanding, now all it needs is pictures.

We want children across the nation to have the opportunity to explore this global theme and through their pictures help others think about it too. Winning pictures will be selected by Michael Foreman and published in a book later in the year.

Winners will be invited to an exciting London book launch, where they will be awarded certificates and prizes, as well as take part in a workshop with Michael.

Disaster relief charity ShelterBox and acclaimed children’s author and illustrator Michael Foreman, are challenging UK primary school pupils once again, to bring a special disaster story to life with their pictures.

The Story

The Day The Sea Changed
One day the sea changed.
It slipped away from the rocks and crabs crawled for cover.
It crept away from the seashore and starfish struggled in the warm air.
It shrank away from the land and fish flapped on the dry seabed…

…to read the rest of the story and find out more about taking part, please visit www.youngshelterbox.org/teacher.php or email emman@shelterbox.org for a competition pack.

This competition is brought to you in collaboration with The Reading Agency and Chatterbooks

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