Monday, 23 January 2012

Looking for inspiration? Cornish teacher launches 'Dazzle Days' for Design and Technology

Primary school teacher Jon Davey has had a long-running love affair with Design and Technology. Now, as well as providing new 'hands on' workshops to support Sense of Place units of work, Jon is launching a brand new series of exciting and stimulating Design and Technology 'Dazzle Days' for primary schools.

I offer a numbers of workshop days which include compressed air rockets, weird and wonderful racing cars and artistic robots. I'm particularly looking forward to working with children on my Robo-Olympic theme in which they design and build a mechanical athlete to take part in a very modern pentathlon.

After spending many happy evenings and weekends testing his ideas and building specialist equipment for his lessons Jon admits his garden shed is beginning to resemble Wallace and Gromit's workshop! Jon provides all the necessary equipment and materials for the sessions and charges only supply teacher rates.

Having been a class teacher for the last 20 years I know how difficult some things are to resource and finance so I like to make things as easy for the host school as possible.”

Jon believes that Design and Technology is effective at captivating of pupils of all abilities. “The gifted and talented can really go to town and show off their talents and it gives those pupils who are of a more practical bent the chance to shine.”

The 'Dazzle Days' which Jon offers are:

Design and build your own dancing robot powered by an electric motor.

Wacky Racers
Use a variety of cams, wheels and sprockets to build a weird and wonderful racing car.

Investigate different sources of electricity and use your discoveries to build a working model lighthouse or lightship.

The Zip-line Challenge.
Invent a safe way to transport an egg along a zip line.

Jackson Artbot
Design and build a robot to draw abstract patterns.

Design and make a robot and watch it compete in the andriod olympiad.

Robotics 1
Introduction to robotic buggies and control technology.

Robotics 2
Building on robotics 1 to introduce computer control.

Enter the space race using compressed air technology.

Rocket Cars
Design, build, modify and race an air-powered car.

For further information concerning 'Dazzle Days' or support and training in Design and Technology please contact Jon Davey:
Tel: 01209 718988   Mobile: 07724054551   Email:

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